5 reasons your business needs a copywriter

You have your own business.

People keep telling you perhaps your business needs a copywriter.

You’ve heard of copywriters before. You have no idea what copywriters are, what they do and how they can help you. Perhaps you don’t even want to know.

But, what if I tell you a copywriter can give you more of your time back AND increase your number of sales.

That’s right; you will have more time and more money!

So let’s see why your business needs a copywriter.

So what is a copywriter?

Pick up any product you own, and a copywriter was involved in marketing that product.

A copywriter:

• creates the text (copy) for marketing/promotional material

• researches the target audience to understand their needs

• uses psychology to write compelling and persuasive copy

What’s the point in that?

Think of Nikes’ ‘Just do it’ and L’Oreals’ ‘Because you’re worth it’ slogans; a copywriter came up with those ideas.

Then think how many people went on to buy those products because the slogan stuck with them. Research from ‘The Manifest’ in 2020 found that 47% of all customers used a slogan to help influence them to buy a product. Crazy right? Remember, a copywriter wrote that.

Copywriters write those emails you get from your favourite companies. Look at any business website, and you will find copy created by a copywriter.

Good copywriters use the power of words and research to create copy to convince an audience to take action. That action could be anything from purchasing products to supplying an email address for a newsletter.

That’s all well and good but

Why do you need a copywriter for your business?

‘I can write.’

‘I don’t want to waste money.’

Bet those thoughts are already running through your mind

What if I told you hiring a GOOD copywriter can be one of the greatest investments you could make….

  1. You can write but can you write fabulous copy?

You know your business inside and out. As a result, when writing about it, the language you use may go over your customer’s heads.

A good copywriter will write in a way your customer will understand, make your business the most exciting thing around, and be so persuasive that you will end up with more clients/customers.

That means more money. You want that.

2. All the different ways to market your product/service blows your mind

Social media, emails, websites, white papers, adverts, landing pages, press releases, product descriptions…..

A good copywriter can take the pressure off you and complete all those for you. They are increasing your business’s presence so growing sales.

3. Content is king, but you don’t have the time

You know updating your content is important online. However, you have another 101 things to do instead.

Copywriters are also fantastic at writing time-consuming content. Hiring a copywriter leads to more engaging content and a better online presence. What does that mean? Eventually, more sales!

4. SEO — huh?

You keep hearing this term, you know it can be important, but everything you’ve read has made it sound complicated.

SEO is something a good copywriter knows about. They can apply it to your copy and content, so you don’t have to.

What’s that I see on the first page of a google search!? That’s right, your business. Being ranked higher in a google search leads to more sales.

5. More time for a cup of tea

Delegating writing jobs to a copywriter frees you up. You will have extra time for more cups of tea or, even better, more time for your family and friends.

Hiring a copywriter will be the best decision you could make –

You end up with more time.

Your business has more leads and more sales = MORE MONEY!

Are you ready to make that investment? Get in touch today.



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