The Room with the Crystals

The room seemed promising before I even had a class in it. I had passed it on multiple occasions, wanting to go inside and look, but I never had a valid reason to. I didn’t even know whose room it was; all I knew was that it called to me.

From the hallway, the view I had for the first two years of school, you could see a regular classroom, with posters of the planet and gods and goddesses on the walls. A shaky table sat in the corner, struggling under the weight of the artifacts on top of it. Crystals, sage bundles, statues of Buddha, Jesus, and other notable people were propped up against the wall. Banners and flags with the Star of David, the cross, and other symbols hung around the room, as well as a flag with Earth right in the middle. A box of phones greets students as they walk in, encouraging them to leave behind the stress of technology and slow down.

Religions class and its popularity was common knowledge through the school. The minute I found out about it I wanted to take it. I put two and two together and figured this magical room on the first floor was home to this class. Once I told my counselor, I was set up with one course junior year and the other senior year.

During class, the room becomes its own entity, showcasing the diversity of the people sitting inside of it, and breathing coexistence and acceptance. It is a free space, a pool of ideas just swimming around all four corners. There are windows, abundant and always cracked open. A breeze always finds itself traveling through the room and interacting with its occupants. Natural light swallows the room whether it is the golden light of the sun or the dark light of a storm day. The desks face each other, no one is in the front, no one person stands above the rest. In this room, you all are equals and are there for what education is really about, self empowerment and improvement.

Regardless, the tangible physical feelings in the room don’t compare to the spiritual energy of the room. Unlike other classes, which give you a bad vibration before you even walk in, this one always seemed as if it was reaching out with open arms, calling to those who want to further their knowledge of the world. There is something about this room that is unlike any other, the energy makes you feel something profound and feel the weight of religion, the weight that comes with understanding the world we live in.