The natural world is something that has become a thing of the past. Most major religions have their roots in the relationship between nature and humans. We have evolved since the establishment of these religions, producing the newest technologies as we go. Progress may be good for society, but we are forgetting our roots in nature. The result is harm that goes both ways.

When we fall out of touch with nature, we fall out of touch with ourselves. In the ancient world, the people’s lifestyles emphasized nature; they grew their own food, had their own animals, and ate completely naturally. Today, the most common job is cooped up into an office building and the food we eat is poisoned with artificial sweeteners and flavors. As society continues to mold and change day by day, more people are familiar with sitting inside watching Netflix than going for a walk outside.

The only way to fix this disconnect is to realize that nature can give us anything we need. There is a reason that oranges are a staple for vitamin C and carrots are good for our eyes. Food that grows naturally contains the most nutrients and the most sufficient for the human body. One could even go as far to say that food grows the size it does because it is a perfect portion for someone to eat.

That said, the understanding of nature overlaps with the understanding of humans. Plants have certain staples they always need to grow and thrive, just as humans must treat their bodies with respect and give them what they need. Avocados, nectarines, among other foods with seeds resemble the womb of a mother. While hammocking in the woods, I noticed what looked like stretch marks on a tree. There parallels between the human species and all other species on the planet. We choose to set ourselves apart, using self entitlement to make us think we can do whatever we want. We started just as these species did, and they have as much right as we do to the planet.

The parallels between the natural world and the human world are not only striking but telling. Plants and animals are here for a reason and understand us just as we understand them; they even mimic us. We cannot lose this connection with nature. If we do, we lose ourselves.