Make TextView open links in CustomTabs
Nikola Despotoski

Better version:

public CharSequence getTransformation(CharSequence source, View view) {
if (!(view instanceof TextView)) {
return source;
TextView textView = (TextView) view;
if (textView.getText() == null || !(textView.getText() instanceof Spannable)) {
return source;
Spannable text = (Spannable) textView.getText();
URLSpan[] spans = text.getSpans(0, textView.length(), URLSpan.class);
for (URLSpan span : spans) {
int start = text.getSpanStart(span);
int end = text.getSpanEnd(span);
String url = span.getURL();

text.setSpan(new URLSpanEx(url), start, end, Spanned.SPAN_EXCLUSIVE_EXCLUSIVE);
return text;

You should not use the stringText variable to check for the position of the Spannable, because it could contain the same link multiple times.

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