Poor Twitter, you try so hard

Twitter rolled out a feature to not count usernames in replies. People reacted.

Somehow, and I didn’t know I was doing it, but I started a terrible thing.

I started a test to see just how awful this replies feature could be.

People unfortunately ignored the “clever” aspect of this statement. My former friend Patrick started a test.

And then it went to hell in a handbasket.

I mean, Google+ got in on it.

It turns out the max number of usenames is 50. We know. It was tested. It’s some kind of Russian Roulette for who gets the boot as more than 50 names get added.

This got frustrating, real fast. Hundreds of replies piled in. My friend Rarst found a mute conversation option.

Unfortunately, that only works in Twitter.com’s interface. Twitter.com is avoided at all cost already. I needed something for Tweetbot.

Hundreds more replies later, my friend Jason thankfully came to the rescue. God bless regex. (Unless you ever have to write it.)

I tested it. It worked. Thank you, Lord.

Now I can go back to normal Twittering.

Meanwhile, I presume all those massive threads are just going on and on, into the void.

Poor Twitter, you try so hard.

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