The Necessity of The Great Change
Tolerant Fellow

The problem is that it is irrational to destroy white nations, because it is the brain of the civilized societies, and a inpiring example for other nations. A lot of anti white sentiments can be based only in hatred. Israel was created to jewish people follow the white example, and escaping from tribal focus of the world.

Jews usually have problems where their jewish identity is the base of their thinking, what is a social contruct. Lowering the IQ of the Europe is lowering the IQ of humanity.

Whites have a lot of collours of eyes, collors of hairs, diferent face shapes that make the world more beautiful. Unfortunatelly, races are created by the territory and it’s culture, the intensity of the sunlight, the heritage.

God gave to the whites the recessive genes, that shows that when we mix we lost the characteristics we love and are beautiful, this mean that immigration to Europe means. So the next step for humanity is to conquer the space, and not lowering IQ of europeans.

The nationalism is a great thing, the jewish nationalism, that jewish people usually irrationally defend is based on the love for the jewish culture, and love for the jewish blood. The german nationalism is based in the love for their race, culture and heritage. The English people is based on the love for the place their were born. To end nationalism is to end also with jewish culture and blood heritage, you want that?

Nations are great things, and the next ste for humanity is to internationalize whites, to all the world, because de world need diversity of collours, imagine chinese with blue eyes, blacks with green eyes.

So white people have to be internacionalized, and that is why european nations should be protected and loved, and not destroyied.

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