Very good — thanks for sharing!
Tim Beiko

Hey Tim. There is a difference between managing a $1B fund versus a >$50M fund, no question. Let me speak to two aspects: 1) having a team of operators, whether at scale like a16z or for a team of 5, like ours, can be done. We have approached venture as a function of experience in startup and scaling businesses. We find that gives us a level of both empathy and operations chops/credibility despite our limited (compared to the larger fund) team size. 2) We leverage a broader operator network to accomplish what our limited team cannot do of themselves. For example, we use Slack as a tool to leverage learning across the portfolio CEOs and are planning to expand use to functional departments (marketing, sales, product, engineering, client success) within our portfolio companies. we have identified leaders within our region who we tap as mentors or simply over lunch for our portfolio. one of these later went on to join one of our companies as now is acting President. Hope this helps!

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