How I’ll use social networks

Nothing cool here, just some information that may be convinient to know for people who are reading me.


This will be my main communication tool. I’ll be posting everything there, random thoughts, well-defined thoughts, interesting links, life updates, photos.

What I love about Twitter:

  1. Tight control of incoming feed.
  2. Potential quality of incoming feed.
  3. Possibility for interaction with very smart and useful perspectives.

If you want to be in touch with me, follow me on Twitter.


I love to write here. More than in any other writing tool. I love how I can add some thoughts to published posts with responses.

I’ll try to post here regularly. Have not decided yet, whether short stories should be published here or as several tweets.


Best way is Telegram ( I also use Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Skype. I don’t use WhatsApp.

Telegram for me is way better text IM than any other.


I will rarely use Facebook from now on. Mostly for some life updates that may be useful for my friends. And to follow their lives. Same goes for Instagram.

But overall, I’m trying to open Facebook as little as possible.

There will be little unique content on my Facebook page.


Slack is just too good a tool not to use it! We are trying to build a closed community of like-minded (crazy-minded) individuals to have a safe place to express anything. There are some things I can’t post to public, but would like to discuss in a group.

I love that I have a place where I can write freely. I feel something very cool may arise there. We call it “Safe Place for People” :-)

So, here we go. Follow me on Twitter, read my posts here, send a message on Telegram or don’t do anything of that. The choice is always yours.