Is There Anybody Out There?

I can turn right and see a dog. I can see what she does, how she looks, guess what she feels. I can zoom in and discern finer details. She is pretty big. She has short, white hair. She is looking back at me, she is waving her tail and seems playful.

I can turn left and see Egor (me). I can see what he does, how he looks, guess what he feels. Once again I can zoom in for finer details, if I want to. He is calm and observant. He likes the dog he’s looking at. He wants to play with her. But next moment he forgets about the dog and starts telling himself this story.

There’s really not that big a difference between these two experiences. An experience of a process we label “a dog” and an experience of a process we label “Egor”.

But who has these experiences?

I can step back and see two spherical blobs. They are not “Egor” anymore, not a person, but still something distinct. They are curios, restless, active, engaged.

Ok, but who knows that?

Taking another step back, I see a boundless foamy shining field. It is alive. It contains everything. It sees everything. It is everything.

Fine. But now I wonder, just how far does the rabbit hole go?