Weeknotes, Season One, Episode Four.

OK, I know it’s Tuesday already, and we are technically in to a new week, but I wasn’t working yesterday. And it was a three day week last week. This is my way of making excuses to myself for these Weeknotes being late. I know it’s not like homework and I won’t get in trouble, but I really want to try and stick with the discipline of doing these notes. So, consider this first paragraph is just me telling myself off for doing something late that doesn’t have a deadline. I know how to reel my readers in.

For the Bank Holiday weekend I went camping and swam in rivers and the sea. Camping and swimming in rivers and the sea are among the things that make me happiest in life, so those three things accompanied by a long weekend of glorious sunshine mean I started last week in very good spirits.

On Monday there was camping fry ups, and river swimming and fish and chips.

On Tuesday I was back home but on leave looking after my two girls, and there was laundry, so much laundry, and kitchen dancing, and school uniform shopping.

The Neverending Laundry la la la la la la la la laaa

On Wednesday I was back at work, but out of the office, in London all day. I checked in on emails and there were very few, not just because of the long weekend but also because as previously mentioned, at Delib, where I work as an Account Manager, effort is made to avoid email unless it’s really necessary. This is a Good Thing, because it means I didn’t come back to the office after some days off and need to spend an hour just reading emails before being able to actually do anything useful. This is a big change from my previous job in local government where email was the preferred method of communication.

That said, I do get emails every time a support ticket is raised, and it looked like it had been quite a busy day on support on Tuesday.

On the train to London I managed to read a bit more of the current book that we are reading at work, which is “Turn this ship around” by L. David Marquet. This had been recommended when Lou ran a session (which is referred to as ‘bookcamp’) at the last Govcamp. It’s an interesting book and I can see why it was recommended by government digital transformation types. It has some interesting snippets in, the general gist is about turning followers into leaders. A takeaway from it at the moment is the impact that can come from making simple changes to language, and how that can change a dynamic. So, for example, one change that was made on the nuclear sub was that people were encouraged to say “I intend to….” rather than “Can I…?” I like this and I might start using it, although I’m not sure how far others have got through the book so they may be bemused. Or, they may actually not notice at all.

Also, reading about the inner workings of an American nuclear submarine became more and more topical as the week progressed, sadly.

I intend to not freak out about possible impending nuclear war

Before my customer meeting, I did some remote working from the cafe at Tate Britain, which felt very civilised indeed. I recommend it for anyone after some wifi to check in on emails nearish Westminster. It has very good coffee and excellent free WiFi, and more Henry Moore and Turners in it than your average Starbucks.

The customer meeting, my first ever in person customer meeting, went well. There was good discussion and I was able to be useful and helpful, although of course there were some questions that I needed to confirm answers to the following day. There is still a lot to learn when it comes to product features and functionality, and I’m not there yet.

I then had a google hangout meeting with the other organisers of Open Data Camp. This was in an actual Starbucks, where the wifi was shonky, and there wasn’t any good art. The hangout was good though, we have the next OD Camp coming up in Belfast in October, and organising is starting to gear up a bit. I’m really looking forward to it.

The reason for being in a shonky Starbucks is that it was just around the corner from the very-definitely-not-in-any-way-shonky London HQ of Expedia, where I was attending the ‘Women in Tech Party’ that had been organised by Charlotte Jee, following her really great article which names hundreds of women that can be invited to talk at conferences, to avoid having an all-male panel. Anyone seeking more information about the prevalence all-male panels should look at this excellent blog, which I love: http://allmalepanels.tumblr.com/

Last week, Power Notes. This week, Girl Power Notes.

Yes, Geri. Yes. Me too.

The Women in Tech Party had been billed as a get together of as many women that feature in Charlotte’s list as possible. And yes, due to some kind of admin error or otherwise confusion that has certainly nothing to do with Charlottes all round complete and totally fierce brilliant excellence, I feature on that list. Yes, me. That girl that can’t even work out how to add captions to gifs on Medium.

Anyway, others have written eloquently about imposter syndrome, so I won’t.

It was, to put it bluntly, a brilliant, inspiring, fantastically fun evening. I intend to blog about it seperately, soon.

Maybe one day I’ll do weeknotes assembled entirely by tweets…

Yes, there was a bar. And so much gin. Not a beer, or a pizza in sight. Oh, except there was beer actually. And Prosecco.

I left early but still wasn’t home until after midnight, so Thursday morning, my first day in the office all week, started slightly bleary eyed-ly. There was plenty to do, none of which warrants week noting, but I actually got a lot done.

Friday was another full day in the office. It was just Nat and I around, and support was quiet, so I was able to continue to get stuck in to work. Which makes two full days in a row of rarely interrupted by support queries, and I felt like I made a lot of progress on understanding my accounts and where they are at. Which is good.

I find myself struggling to find anything particularly interesting to say about Thursday and Friday. I think that’s because they were fine, and I did do plenty of things, but there has to be a point where just a list of what I did is really not valuable, for the reader or for me. So, I shall stop here.

I have another 3 day week this week, the final days of school holidays before we get back into the school term. As a working parent, during term time I walk the tightrope of ‘routine’, always teetering dangerously over the deep valley of logistical chaos. As my new employer, Delib have made efforts to accommodate school picks ups, which is good, but it’s definitely not the super flexible local government flexi time, to which I became quite accustomed, (who wouldn’t? I mean, you could go two days into ‘debt’ as long as you made the time up within the month!) Of course, small companies can’t do that same kind of super flexible flexi. But with me working full time, and my partner full time andfreelance and fairly often working out of town, I’m feeling slightly anxious about how things will work out. But, I’m sure they will work out. Everything works out in the end.

And let’s be honest, this week sees a major triumph. I worked out how to add captions to Gifs. Cue Dancing Carlton Gif, (saved for special occasions).

Hashtag Winning at Life

And on that note. The end. (For this week). Bye!