Attention Kroot Wallet holders,

Today we announce our new plans for staking your KROOT to earn passive yield on your idle crypto!

Kroot Wallet token holders will be able to stake their idle KROOT to receive a schedule APY on your total amount staked in return. …

To the Kroot Wallet Community,

On September 3rd, we will be concluding the IDO featuring our native KROOT Token on Kucoin Launchpad!

At 3:00 PM UTC, users will be able to trade KROOT both on KUSwap and PancakeSwap! …

To the K-Root Wallet Community,

At 4:30 AM UTC on August 31st, the KCLP Staking Pools will be opened to ensure your participation in the K-Root Wallet IDO. If users are already staking their tokens, you won’t have to do anything to ensure your spot in the allocation list.


K-Root is coming!

As we approach the end of the month of August, the K-Root team wanted to educate the community on the features that will be available once the K-Root Wallet goes live. Not every wallet is the same, and many of the lesser known wallets do not use…

Kucoin Community Chain has opened up many new doors for both investors and casual hobbyists during the ongoing blockchain boom. As developers and project managers flock to KCC and other EVM Compatible Chains platforms, many wonder how secure their precious assets really are. And for good reason. Every day you…


K-ROOT aims to be the most trusted, secure, transparent, decentralized, compatible smart wallet on KCC. Join the telegram community now

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