people finding excuses to be angry at women.
Stop Policing How Women Speak
Amy Nguyen

Once I was interviewed for a Wikimedia podcast episode about parenting in tech (as an SME, since I hosted a regular podcast on the topic). My segment was followed by an interview with a dad with the thickest foreign accent talking about his singular personal experience. When it went live I shared the interview on a listserv for women in tech. I quickly received comments about my upspeak—which I had employed because I wasn’t sure the interviewer at the other end of the Skype call was with me—comparing my authority to the father’s: “Listen to the dad and count the question inflections — huge difference” and “That tic was truly annoying and marginalizes the impact of the speaker.” I replied that I was dismayed, and sent a few links defending speech patterns, but won’t lie that the criticism—or maybe the realization that other women in tech can be this judgmental—still really bruised me.