Photo by Dave Lowe on Unsplash

I was heartbroken

Before I can even

Begin to remember.

Sins left unspoken,

Hidden deep under.

Thoughts even deeper,

Rumbling like far off

Roaring thunder.

A weekend of camping,

Start of hidden sorrow,

Where the breaking

Of a soul

Can actually be heard,

Like a howl

From the hounds of hell.

Didn’t want to remember,

Yet needed to see,

For the sake of my sanity.

My life…

A study in tenacity.



Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

Please pray for me
To keep my sanity
In this world where vanity
Is the norm.

Where people are more
Than half-cold,
One step from the grave
While attending a rave.

So much pretending.
Using whatever means to act
Like they are having fun.

Fun in this jungle,
Called planet Earth,
Where our lenses
On mobile devices
Become our reality,
True tragedy,
Refusing to come
Face to face
With our lack of humility,
Less humanity…

Bleeding out compassion
Is the true fashion
In this…
Our disappearing world.



Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

Your eyes that day
Remain in my minds eye.
Those beautiful melancholy eyes,
How they haunt me.
Complete devastation,
Consuming sadness.
How very lost,
Tried to reach you,
Comfort you.
Alas, my wings were clipped.
Running toward you
As you disappeared in
A puff of smoke



Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Fighting my destiny
Always ends up
In misery.

Forgetting my fate
Is just listening
To shattering glass
As my heart breaks.

For before I was born
’Twas laid out for me,
Engraved on the walls
Of my very soul,
Written amongst the stars,
Drifting through the universe.

Then my heart starts racing,
Saying try anyways, embrace it.
So with a laugh,
Then a sigh
I start out again.
Challenging my destiny.



Photo by xandtor on Unsplash

I can smell it on you,
The smell of sulfur
You tried to bury,
Giving away that
You were living in hell
While pretending
It was heaven.

I know that scent well,
Smelled it on my own flesh,
Lived with it for far too long.

I can show you the way to go,
Take my hand and
I’ll lead the way.
Don’t go back there,
The smoke will suffocate
Without even turning into flame,
It is deceptive
When you’ve been held captive.

How it started out looking
Like it must be love
When in actuality
It was disguised
In thinly veiled hate.
When you realize
It’s always just slightly too late.

In that place
Of forced fairy tales
And forged forevers….

Listen to me,
Believe what I say,
It’s never too late
To see the sun
After the rain.



Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

Looking in her eyes
You can see the shadows
In her skies


Take the time to look deeper,
See her light,
Worth every grain
In the hourglass
Of pain,
Every second
To see how bright
Within her light
If you linger…

There will be
Not a single moment
Of regret
Time spent
By her side.