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Introduction letter:

Hello there; my name’s Horacio and I’m a digital Illustrator and Designer.
But above all, I’m a sequential art enthusiast.

I’m eagerly looking for jobs to build a name and a reputation here at Upwork, and that’s why initially applied for this job.

However, I’m more interested and willing to help you with the information you’re seeking rather than illustrating.
I’ve started reading since I was 4, and sequential art (graphic novels, comic-books, storyboards, 4-panel stories, etc) is one of the things I love the most, and it would be great if I could assist you about the ropes and tools of the trade.

Graphic novels are a great media to communicate powerful feelings and craft organic stories that the right audiences will cherish and support
And of course I’ll do this for free! 
It’s a great though daunting journey, and I cannot help but root for you, even though we don’t know each other (such is the power of sequential art)!

I would gladly offer you useful information and sites in order for you to write your first graphic novel.

— —

When asked about my artistic background:

I am an artist, and you can check my works in the link below:

I’m more on the illustration side rather the sequential one, though you can check some sequential works done in the past (the page titled “YM6- Page 8” is part of a 22-page manga collaboration I made with a writer from Pennsylvania and was published on a Yuri Anthology):

On that very same gallery you can check many of the works I’ve done are in a way or another linked to sequential art (comics/graphic novels are just a part of that wonderful world of words and images alchemically mixed together), and somehow the art I produce is always influenced by it. Here you have a sample of posters made for a music show in which we played with the idea of X-Men and DC Villains (text in Spanish):

— —

When asked about my favourite comic series:

Well, that’s a tough one for a 34-years old reading addict…!
I’ll try to be as brief as possible, in no particular order.

Graphic Novels:
 — US — 
The Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller. 
Along with
Sin City, this is Miller’s (and probably US’s comics) finest. 
What this book represented when it first came out should be written in History books.
And the way it’s still a powerful read 30 years later already became a Batman History book itself.

-Fables: The Wolf Among Us, by Sturges and Justus.
This is an incredible read. You, as a writer, will judge later on!
I’ve first played the Telltale Game and later on I’ve found there was actually a (LONG) comic book franchise.
It has so many references that will put your knowledge (and Wikipedia) to the test.
The art is fabl-uolous.

-The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman.
Dream, Despair, Delirium, Desire, Destiny, Destruction, Death.
I have no other words for this one. 
This English man just NEILED it.
Another absolute must-own.

-Alan Moore, by Alan Moore.
The Saga of the Swamp Thing, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
A peculiar fact: he disliked every one of the movies based on his work, saying that it was conceived for the graphic novel format.
Need I say Moore?

-Kingdom Come, by Alex Ross and Mark Waid. 
It’s by far the best piece of art ever made using superheroes.
Did you know that Alex Ross Ross won the Comics Buyer’s Guide’s Fan Award for Favorite Painter seven years in a row, resulting in that publication’s retirement of that category? It’s simply The One and Only.

— Japan: — 
Gunm: Last Order (sequel of Gunm, also known as Battle Angel Alita), by Yukito Kishiro.
Cyberpunk, Physolophy and Crudeness that transcends whatever anyone would think as “unimaginable”.
Though (VERY) dense of text,
the story, the characters and everything shown there is an absolute must-read for any intellectual reader.
It’s a great work, nearly finished -I believe the final tome is yet to be published-.
As part of your “homework” (kidding), I would strongly suggest you this read (seriously).

- Vagabond, by Takehiko Inoue (Author of Slam Dunk manga).
Though based on a written novel, Inoue also made all the arranging of the narrative structure.
His graphic style is unmatched, painfully realistic while brimming with atmosphere
The amount of detail and outstanding pacing makes them one of the best in the world. This is must-own material.

- Bakuman, by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata (Creators of Death Note).
This is a fun read, but mostly, a slice-of-life story that gives a HUGE insight into manga publishing and creation.
It’s cleverly written (almost on a Death Note level, but very funny and heartwarming), it has many subtexts playing on at the same time and
it’s a great (if not the best) way to understand graphic novels and comics’ shenanigans.
For you, this is a must-read.

Blacksad, by Spanish authors Canales -writer- and Guarnido -ex-Disney animator-
Top-notch noir anthro story. Adult, crude and really clever in writing and plotting, and beautifully brought to life in the illustrations department. 
This is probably the best example on the power of Sequential Art. It’s a very and unique special work.
Needless to say, another must-own.

I will skip up all of my Argentinian comics for the next section, because it’s basically historical literature with drawings.

— — -

When asked about my favourite comics writer:

Robin Wood.
You should read the life of this particular human being. Undoubtely, the most prolific comic writer IN THE WORLD. He didn’t even finish high school when he started writing professionally.
And yes, he’s still alive.

Their best pieces of work are fictional stories set in a historical background.
Nippur of Lagash -Historical depictions of then-Sumeria, Egypt, Greece and many other places I cannot recall at the moment, but you will eventually find out there’s simply no match for-

Dago, the Black Janissary -Venice, Arabia, India, Istambul, Redbeard, Vlad Tepes, The Old Man from the Mountain… These are grim stories carved in Wood-

Gilgamesh, The Immortal -pretty self-explanatory huh… it even includes an encounter with the Computer that Synthesized the Meaning of Life, so yeah-

These are very hard-to-get materials. I happen to have scans of most of the first two that I could send you on a convenient media, besides some 1981 material (legacy of my still alive grandfather, which always read historietas, our comic books, and inspired three generations of my family in the habit of reading) I’m showing you in the attachment below.

Feel free to contact me if you need anything else. Depending on your area of specialty, I can provide you with better reads and examples.
I wish you the best of luck, and I’ll be cheering for your success in this new Path!
Greetings from Argentina!

-Proposal work at Upwork.com that was closed when I finished typing it, 30/11/2016.

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