Anatomy of a large Angular application

Build it and they’ll… have an easier time developing.

Do I really need a strategy?

Setting a direction

Separation of concerns

Steer the ship in that… uh, general… direction

Better tooling

Future proofing

The bare necessities

  • separate your concerns,
  • keep the flow of data unidirectional,
  • manage your UI state using data,
  • use a transpiled language,
  • have a build process in place,
  • test.

Separating concerns

Vertical separation

A good application standing on the shoulders of verticals

Horizontal separation

  • services layer,
  • facade layer,
  • components layer.
  • services that handle your data or UI state (e.g. DataService and UIStateService),
  • services that assist them in doing so (e.g. DataFetchService or LocalStorageService) and
  • other services that you may need like a service that’s going to tell you at which breakpoint in a responsive layout you are.

Keeping the flow of data unidirectional

Getting data

Modifying data

Keep it flowing

Managing UI state using data

Transpiling code

  • using features that are coming in newer versions of ECMAScript,
  • abstraction of JavaScript quirks,
  • compile time errors,
  • better tooling…


Having a build process in place

A typical build process


Real world example

Heroes of Warcraft is a trademark and Hearthstone is a trademark or registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Source repository

Vertical separation

Horizontal separation

Services layer

Facade layer

Components layer

Data flow

Under consideration

What now?

  • additional filtering of cards by cost, hit points, attack points or card rarity
  • sorting by all possible criteria,
  • adding Bootstrap’s Affix to the chosen cards in the deck builder
  • developing a better Local Storage service which has much better object checking and casting
  • further improving the Page Value Extractor service to allow for metadata being included in the JSON for better type association
  • etc.

The devil is in the detail

Back to the drawing board




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Kristian Poslek

Kristian Poslek

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