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'Happen' to you? Your affair didn’t just 'happen’; are you suggesting you tripped (multiple times), fell into another man’s bed (multiple times)and your vagina then accidentally slipped (multiple times) onto another man’s penis? Your affair is intentional, pre meditated, and thoughtfully and actively maintained by you on purpose. It’s not happening TO you, it’s happening BECAUSE of you. If you want someone to tell you what to do, how about telling your husband you have been actively cheating on him, sneaking around behind his back to have sex with someone else (risking his health, by the way…) and have zero intention of stopping because the other guy is great in bed but that you are considering staying in the marriage and suffering selflessly through mediocre sex so you’ll have financial stability and someone on hand to take care of the messy stuff like medical emergencies and their resulting bills. Perhaps your husband will have the perfect solution to your self inflicted dilemma.

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