Sometimes people assume that leaving is always the right thing to do and staying is weakness.
N. Lopezz

Thank you for that, N. Lopezz. There is so very little I trust in anymore — myself included. (I wish I knew how to Medium better so that I could highlight your name…)

Your response pointed out a bit of irony that hadn’t occurred to me before: I am the only one who knows what is best for me and my children. Ironic that I had trusted that the man I married had some knowledge of what was best as well. His understanding of what is best differed from mine, apparently. Then there is the whole expectation that the person who was cheated on HAS to do what is best, despite their partner doing the absolute worst — we are often asked to share the blame for having been cheated on, but the responsibility to do what is best falls solely on the shoulders of the one who was betrayed.

It’s such a rabbit hole. I sincerely do appreciate your reaching out to me and offering that bit of understanding.