Life Hacks- How to find cheap air tickets

In order to engage customers with the brand, there are a number of techniques that are being employed by the multinationals these days. Most of these are controlled by the company, such as providing bonus points on a purchase, frequent flyer miles, etc. while there are also certain factors beyond the control of the company that the customer could benefit from when approached in the right manner. Perhaps the biggest benefits the customer could derive is while booking airline tickets.

As we all know, the prices for airlines keep fluctuating quite dramatically over a certain period of time before the departure. By following some of the tips given here, you can too nail the art of booking yourself cheap air tickets.
• Use the incognito mode: Before booking your tickets, it is quite possible that you may visit the webpage selling these tickets a number of times before you finally make the booking. The browser stores your cookies and knows which flight and time slot you’re looking out for your travels. Chances are that the rates may be inflated just for you, because of your browsing habits. In order to avoid this, it is best to do your travel planning on the incognito mode.
• Be flexible: Having a flexible schedule can help you a lot in order to book cheap air tickets. This means, if you can delay or prepone your date of travel by a couple of days, then it is quite easy to figure out the day when the tickets are cheapest in that range. Typically, flight tickets are the most expensive on Fridays, while reasonably cheaper or Tuesdays and Saturdays. You can save considerably by making your bookings this way.

• Book long-haul flights yourself: If you are booking a flight that involves you to layover at a mid-point in between your final destination, then it’d be advisable to make two bookings. One to the in-between destination and the other one from that mid-point to your final destination. This can save you considerable amounts of money. However, you need to ensure that there is a considerable amount of time gap between the two flights.