How I Overcame My ‘Phobia’ of Writing!!!

Writing is an art , but I always feared it. Though I admired good writers but never had that courage to write an article or a blog until i joined Go-jek. After having worked for an MNC for a year , I joined Go-jek as a Product Engineer. I always dreamt of working in a startup because i wanted to learn and grow fast in tech. domain, but never thought that it can also help me overcome my biggest phobia — The Phobia of Writing (Graphophobia)and hone me not only as a developer but as a person.

Currently all the fresh hires are attending bootcamp organized by Go-jek ,I can confidently say that this bootcamp is the best one could ever attend. I joined the bootcamp a week late than other hires, but with the help of my fellow fresh hires I was able to catchup. I was comfortable with the daily schedule which included code drills , discussion on design, discussion on abstract topics until I found out that we also have to write blogs every alternate day. It scared the hell out of me, for 4–5 days I was not able to even come with a topic , but now I have realized that my fear was not letting me think of one. After having struggled to think of a topic I went to my mentor one day and put my problem in front of him. His words were — “Do not worry about how your blogs will be , just start writing. Once you start writing you will love it .Write on any topic you like , it can be of 5–10 lines. The whole idea of this drill is to make you start writing”. I needed those motivational words very badly ,it had deep impact on me and gave me strength to face my fear. The very same day I read blogs to get acquainted with structure of blogs , how to make a blog interesting for the readers , went through some technical as well as non technical blogs , noticed how in each blogs content is ordered. There are lots of material available on internet which can get you started to write a blog. After reading those blogs in no time I was able to think of a topic , I even was able to structure my content so as to make it more readable and interesting. My first blog was about my trip to Bhangarh, it was a travel and adventure blog so in order to gain more insights I read about how to make a travel blog interesting without making any of the stuffs up , eventually I was able to rearrange it’s contents and do some addition to make it more reader appealing( basically I ‘refactored’ my blog :P).

One thing which I realized and would like to share with guys who are facing the same problem as me , face your fear , start reading blogs in your area of interest , remember the more you read the larger your word arsenal becomes, after writing a blog take constructive feedback from your mates and fill the gaps.

Realize you audience and structure your contents such that it catches attention of the targeted crowd.

Never beat around the bush, use of examples or incident are always a star point as the reader can directly relate to them.

I personally feel that writing on a topic which you have understood makes you realize the shortcomings in your understanding, this argument proves it’s validity in the cases when you are trying to explain your audience a topic, in order to make sure that you don’t fool around with your audience you do some research. In short writing compels you to testify your thoughts and understanding before jotting them down on a paper.

Make writing a habit , the more you write the more you read which in turn increases your knowledge and makes you a critical thinker. Trust me, once you start writing you will become addicted to it which will be very beneficial for your holistic development.

Last but not the least have patience and never lose hope , start writing small blogs and then continue to add contents on top of them. Follow the cycle of reading and writing , eventually you will become a great writer or a blogger.

Till then Happy Writing !!!