Make me to feel

You couldn’t.
Who would try? 
Why claim me
as the cloud over your soggy sigh?

Feeling follows perceiving
(‘c’ b4 ‘i’)
happenings sensed
at the time in the moment.
Your acid I neutralize.

Make me to feel.
I dare you to try.
Take me in.
Make me smile.
Do your worst, make me cry.

Make me feel!
Make me writhe!
Make me try to know self.
Help me find reasons why.
Lick the salt as tears dry.

Better still, help me out.
Stop making me feel, smile, cry.
Since you couldn’t if you tried.
Help me, heal me, feel me
love me deeply, till we die.

Manifest any demon you like.
Hold your hurt hands high.
I’ll come up with you.

We are all bound to die,
but we will not be made or unmade,
We will feel,
but we will not be made to feel.

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