Sun me daily, moon me nightly

You my only Moon,
you high-tide my seas.
We move firmly and sightly:
orbiting artifacts,
dancing perfectly rightly.

But I’m not a moon,
and neither are you.
Once comets, now meteors;
we’ve landed — still in tights.
Now we’re meteorites!

I only say you’re the moon
since your smile’s as wry.
You fell in love when I cried.
I see you all over,
rest, dreams, arise.

I form hard earth.
You circum-sense me.
I wilt when you sigh.
I throb between your thighs.
I’ll follow your wise.

Former comets entwined,
aloft now aligned.
I’ll color your outline
as you colour mine.

Moon me daily and nightly.

Sun me daily, moon me nightly.

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