Angular vs. React: Which Is Better for Web Development?
Brandon Morelli

Great article, and nice comparison. My addition to the Angular concept is the EventEmitters, which is the new approach instead of two way bindings. This gives a wider ability to subscribe to a component update and handle it as a separate event, and trigger other services/functions. In React it is usually about state and dispatches, which is a bit harder to maintain on a more complex application. Although React has a more cowboy-ish approach to all the problems as it just gives a templating framework and raises hands on any other aspect (stores/reducers/forms etc.) are mostly not part of the core React packages sou you can implement something on your own, or just use ex. Redux/Immutable additions.

Obviously there are no winner between these two, it is a matter of project and/or personal preference what to choose. As main concept you can decide between pure functions (React) and injections/objects (Angular).

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