Recurring and planned transactions

Ilya Krupko
2 min readFeb 18, 2019


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Recurring transactions

You can schedule monthly and weekly payments in order not to forget about them and not to recreate them each time. You will create the first transaction manually, but all subsequent ones must only be confirmed.

While creating a new transaction click on the date to select the repeat mode:

After that the main transaction will be created and an additional one planned for the future.

In the next payment date you will find a reminder which will ask you to confirm transactions.

Click on it to see all transactions pending confirmation. Now tap ? next to the transaction to confirm or reject each transaction.

If the transaction no longer needs to be repeated simply delete the next scheduled one.

Planned transactions

The function of planning allows you to set aside funds from your account for a future purchase, in order not to accidentally spend too much. When creating a new transaction, simply set the date in the future:

Now, the account amount will be shown already taking into account the future payment, and the ~ sign will appear in front of it. To see actual amount on the account click on it once.



Ilya Krupko