Using wallets to group accounts

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Wallets in Monetal groups accounts for different life occasions. The same account can be included in different wallets, which makes their use even more convenient. Examples of wallets can be “Currency accounts”, “Daily expenses”, “Business trip”, “At work”, etc., whatever you think of.

For example, when you go on vacation, create a wallet “Greece” with only accounts that you will use there. You will see just necessary accounts at the moment and not look for them among others.

To create a new wallet, hold the Total on the total balance panel.

Now enter the name for new wallet and select its accounts. Then click the Back button. You will automatically switch to a new wallet. Click on wallet name to switch to another.

Wallet “Total” is system default wallet and can’t be deleted or changed. It contains all the accounts that you have.

You can edit any wallet by long clicking on its name in the list of wallets.

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