Easy Home Remedies For Piles That Works For Everyone

Well, one of the most troublesome diseases anyone can get is hemorrhoids or piles. 
Hemorrhoids are common in men and women. There are many treatments available to remove or reduce hemorrhoids. But what if you need immediate relief from the discomfort caused by this condition?

Before actually getting to the discussion about hemorrhoid causes and remedies, let us first try to understand what hemorrhoids primarily are. Here I will also be sharing some ayurvedic medicines for piles, fissure, and fistula patients.

It is an inflamed state of the veins in the rectum region after they become weak. It occurs due to veins being in strained condition and due to which there is severe pain, irritation as well as bleeding. Hemorrhoids may be internal or external and a variety of reasons can be attributed to the occurrence of this nuisance. It is also popularly known as ‘piles’ and causes pain while the passage of stool. Now let us have a look at some of the principal causes (1) and the ways to get rid of those.

1. Irregular Bowel Formation and Movement

Some people suffer from constipation and diarrhea frequently. The formation of bowels is not regular and clear. For them passing stool requires a lot of effort and the strain might result in subsequent hemorrhoids. So in order to ensure that a person does not exert excess pressure, it is imperative that high fibrous foods like vegetables and fruits are consumed. Again many people are addicted to coffee and alcohol and take less water during the entire day. Regular and sufficient water intake is essential for proper bowels.

Among various hemorrhoid causes a major factor happens to be the insignificant quantity of water consumed. Caffeinated beverages also reduce the water content in the body and make it dehydrated. This further compounds the problem and complications develop gradually.

2. Pregnancy

Also during times of pregnancy women carry more weight in their abdominal region, which exerts pressure downwards in the region around the rectum. When the birth of a child takes place, there is stress created in the anal region, which might as a promoter behind hemorrhoid formation. These scenarios can occur in the life of any woman and one needs to take medical help in order to solve the issues arising out of such hemorrhoid causes.(2)

3. Leading a sedentary lifestyle

Nowadays the demands and characteristics of jobs require people to be seated for a long duration of time. This results in obesity and resultant complications. Any kind of downward pressure towards the anal region might prompt hemorrhoid formation in the future.

4. Infirmity and old age

Another component of hemorrhoid causes is the natural degeneration and weakening of the veins in the rectal region because of old age or inherent physical weaknesses of certain people.

Don’t worry about here are some useful tips you can try at home:

Apply hemorrhoidal cream or suppository

Do you want a fast and easy way of relieving yourself from hemorrhoids? Then applying hemorrhoidal creams and over the counter hemorrhoids treatment or suppository in the affected area is your best option. Simply follow the instructions and read the labels carefully before using the product. It is also important that you consult your doctor before buying any cream or suppository.

Relieve Constipation First

Well, constipation and passing of hard stool is the leading cause of hemorrhoids so it is very important to include high fiber foods in your daily diet and drink more and more water to make your bowel movements smooth and easy. Apart from that exercises and yoga will help you get rid of constipation.

Go for a Sitz a bath

One of the best methods for hemorrhoids relief is the sitz bath. You can do this by sitting with your knees raised in three to four inches of warm water in a bathtub or special basin. Use plain water alone for soaking and you can sit for around 15–30 minutes several times a day or when the need arises. The warm water can soothe the pain and itch while shrinking the inflamed vein at the same time.

Make a Potato Poultice

Potatoes are good for the body both internally and externally. Blend two potatoes cut into cubes until they are in liquid form. After which, spread the mashed potatoes in a gauze bandage or clean handkerchief and apply to the affected anal area for ten minutes. Potatoes act as an astringent which can help relieve pain.

Wash With Vinegar

If you think vinegar is only used in the kitchen, then think again. Apple cider or plain vinegar is another excellent remedy for itchy, painful and burning hemorrhoids. It works as an astringent that helps shrink swollen blood vessels that cause hemorrhoids. Wipe your anus dry and dip a cotton ball in vinegar then apply in the affected area.

Make a Cold Compress

Another immediate remedy for hemorrhoids is applying a cold compress or an ice pack to the affected region. Ice can numb the anal area and reduce blood flow to swollen veins. You can sit on an ice pack or apply it on and off in your anus to relieve your discomfort.

Wear Comfortable clothes

Sometimes, the clothes we wear can irritate hemorrhoids and leave us uncomfortable. Just use loose underwear which allows air to circulate in your bottom. Moreover, it is also important to avoid wearing skin-fitting clothes since they can add pressure to hemorrhoids and cause pain.

If you want a hemorrhoid relief, simply follow the tips presented above. Give yourself a break from the troubles caused by hemorrhoids the fast and easy way without the hassles.

Try Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic medicines like Patanjali medicines for piles such as Arshkalp Vati and Kayakalp Vati are very effective in treating hemorrhoids. These medicines can be easily bought from online retails like Amazo as well. These medicines have been found to be very effective, even I myself have tried using it. It took around 3–4 months to see the effects for me.

Try Yoga & Exercises

As stated above sedentary lifestyle is a curse for hemorrhoids and constipated patients so you need to get out of the comfort zone and inculcate healthy habits of practicing Yoga and Exercises. There are various yoga asanas for piles that works like charm, like Ashwini mudra also known as horse gesture pose, shoulder stand, Kapal Bhati pranayama etc.

See you need to make a good strategy to recover yourself from hemorrhoids because a change in lifestyle is must start with. I hope these tips will help you in recovering from piles and constipation.