Ethereum: Tools for developers

The Ethereum world is huge and apasionate. But it’s important for developers having tools to simplify the integration into the existing technologies, as speeding up and standarize our process of development (TDD for example).

In order to do it, I’ve found some interesting tools which ease the task. Here is the list:

Remix: If you need to compile quickly a solidity smart contract, this is the tool you need. It’s an online tool you can compile and generate the abi code to embed into your code.

Embark: So far, this is the simplest and more complete way for integration the webapp technologies into the Ethereum world. Also it includes the concept of TDD (Yes, you can do TDD), monitoring as well. Then you can use the framework whatever you want (I tested it only with JQuery and it worked). It’s possible to integrate not only Solidity but also Serpent (ETH-Classic) as well. It integrates a web service in order to run. They said it’s possible to integrate with more complete frameworks as ReactJS. I’ll try something in AngularJS. I’ll let you know how it was ;)

Populus: This python package is an interesting tool to compile and test solidity contracts. It can be an important helper if there are more than a single contract.

This is it so far. My next step will be the integration in some AngularJS code with Embark. I think it’ll be an important step in order to use it in real stuff.

Stay tuned!