Top Challenges of Last Mile Delivery

The success of any e-commerce company majorly depends on customer satisfaction. Delivering good quality products, at the right location, at the right time is highly essential. The last mile delivery is a crucial link in the e-commerce supply chain. In the process of last mile delivery, customer is the last touch point.

Any logistics firm that manages a supply chain that involves last mile delivery understands the issues and challenges that come with it. Living up to the customer expectations becomes the responsibility of the e-commerce retailer as well as the logistics firm that you partner with.

The challenges that e-commerce logistics faces for last mile delivery are –

Poor Infrastructure

Challenges like, city traffic in the urban areas and longer journeys in the remote areas, are faced by last mile delivery companies. Poor infrastructure in the developing countries adds to the problems consuming more time and cost, thus impacting unit economics.

Customer Nuances

The e-commerce sales have increased evidently over the last few years. With that, a new set of problem for last mile delivery arises. Incorrect customer address, difficulty to find locations, no one available at home to receive the order, order cancellations and returns are to name some. This increases the cost and time involved.


With the advancement of technology, just providing the tracking codes to the customers is not enough. They want real-time tracking and visibility of the shipment and last mile delivery. Be it same day delivery or not, they want to be able to see where the driver is and exactly when the package will arrive.

Higher fuel costs

High fuel costs majorly affect the delivery prices. Also, same-day or on-demand delivery has put a greater strain on budgets.

Though the challenges are many, partnering with a logistics firm that provides integrated logistics solutions can make your task efficient and easier.

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