Have You Ever struggled to find an answer?

You think and think, rack your brain, and analyze the data. You go over and over the same sets of facts, yet nothing seems to happen.

When you think in this manner, you often feel insecure, frightened, and quite stressed.

You’re easily bothered because you’re trying so hard to figure everything out. You’re trying hard, exerting effort, and tiring easily.

There’s a part of you that isn’t sure you’ll be able to find an answer.

There is very good practice I would like to recommend:

Walk Alone or Put it everything on Paper

When there are multiple things happened around you — you lost completely or couldn’t identify the answers.

Walk Alone:

It is 4 hours exercise.

  1. Write everything on paper whatever is in your mind. Everything means everything whether it is personal life / professional life.
  2. Put that paper with you and go for walk. Think single focus for each one of them and take a hold and write the possible answers.
  3. Once you have not all but some answers with you.
  4. For a time being keep the paper aside and be calm.
  5. Then just walk for half n hour.

You will get at-least some idea of your questions because you and only you know your answers. Everybody are just advisers which you might accept or not, certainly.


Do not carry your phone while walking because you might get distract and you can’t be think in depth. Messages and notifications are the distractions.

Repeat this practice every day or alternate day to make your self clear or rather have clear thoughts for next actions.

The next time you find yourself mentally struggling, try quieting down your mind. You may be surprised at how quickly and easily the answer you need will come to you.

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