My Takeaways From the Holacracy Practitioner Certification Training.

Daniel, Nina, Eva, Susi, Benny and Fabian during our Hygiene meeting :)

After practicing Holacracy for nine months now, I joined the PCT (Practitioner Certification Training) in Amsterdam. I found it inspiring and refreshing. It brought a lot of reflections, some of them completely new, some connected to the topics I hadn’t considered for a long time and had almost forgotten about. I’d like to share some of these thoughts with you, and I hope that you might find them refreshing/inspiring/helpful too :).

Key Thoughts Regarding Everyday Holacracy Practice

  1. Practice everyday mindfulness within your role. Ask yourself: does my role care? If it does, take a next-action or a project. If it doesn’t find out who cares, is it another role? Is it a circle?
  2. As a facilitator, let the reaction round in the Governance Meeting be personal. If someone needs to vent about something, this is the time and space during the meeting to do it :).
  3. As a facilitator, keep you energy neutral. Politeness & kindness are not neutral (referring here to my own tendency observed in facilitation). Elimination of distractors (e.g. your personal traits) that impede your ability to keep a sacred space for a Proposer and her (his) tension is a key.
  4. There is always more than one way to process your tension.
  5. Use roles more often to address work items. Install habits in your communication to make it more clear and effective. For example, start an email with ‘This message comes from role ____ to role ____’. Already used this one and have to admit, bringing even more clarity feels good!
  6. It’s all about imperfect outputs. Do not go into analysis paralysis. We are not trying to save the world during one meeting.

Words That Stayed With Me

  1. Culture eats strategy for breakfast; structure influences culture.
  2. Think of the Tactical Meeting as a heartbeat of an organization.
  3. Holacracy is just soil. It is up to you what you grow on it.
  4. Your mind is for creating ideas, not storing them.
  5. Tension is fascinating as it’s the biggest and in the same time the smallest sign of evolution.
  6. Let yourself become an evolutionary agent. Control and predict paradigm is the past. Emergent systems are the future.
  7. Distinguish between being overwhelmed and feeling overwhelmed.

Feeling of Transcendence

Being surrounded by so many curious and beautiful minds from all over the world is something of a transcendent experience. At the end of the PCT, all forty of us sat in a big circle and each person got to share their take-outs, reflections, feelings. When listening (I was one of the last to speak), my mind and soul felt incredibly fulfilled and blessed. Thank you all for being a part of this extraordinary experience!

In this place, I’d like to thank for sensing that I’m the right fit for this journey. Being part of a meaningful change and of something bigger than oneself sure feels incredible. I’m just in the place where I want to be and I’m looking forward to what the future will bring.