The “101” NFT journey of a cheap thriller.

CheapThrills101 is an identity, emotion and expression of freedom and liberty.

2022 is for CheapThrills 101

I am writing this blog as a creator of the “CheapThrills 101” to express the authenticity of my endeavour. I understand that as a one-person army from the most southern part of the world, Medium and Twitter are my best friends to promote my story and efforts. In the 2022 resolution, I cherished the experience of 2019–2021 with knowledge gathered on the web3 stack of technologies. I decided to conclude my research with full-stack web3 development skills, with a live web3 project in 90 days. With this spirit, I started my “101” journey to build a virtual world (referred to as metaverse these days), namely “CheapThrills 101” with a “Flying Ferries” token for in-game economics. To push myself and remain on strict deadlines, I joined a remote startup accelerator to make things happen.

Flying Ferries in action.

The “Aha” moment

Centralised systems have governed us for centuries, and value exchange is subconsciously a centralised process in many heads. Many may have adopted web3 actively, but equal or more are still taboo about web3/crypto or utterly unaware of it. I was such a newbie in 2019, and It took me over two months to understand the basics of blockchain by thoroughly studying hyperledger fundamentals, case studies and its documentation.

DAO from day 1 Challenge

Several proven players in decentralised virtual worlds with a play-to-earn model in metaverse and gaming have successfully accommodated and showcased the possibilities of governance and economics with in-game crypto and NFTs within a closed community. However, the community has a buzz around such a play-to-earn gaming platform not genuinely decentralised, but owned by VCs. The call is serious and pushed the proven player to actively focus on taking tangible initiative for the practical implementation of the DAO model of governance to ensure the longevity of their platform.

What’s happening now?

With the game story, in-game economics overview and the white-paper draft ready for review, I extended my team with advisors and experts. I am getting consultation from proficients of in-game tokenomincs and consensus protocol creators. I am convincing them to co-author the white paper with me. Things are moving in the desired direction. I am sure, with a team assembled, we will endeavour to complete the white paper, set up the DAO, and conclude the artwork and execution of the 3,333 NFTs of Flying Ferries really soon. Watch this space !



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Krupesh Desai

Krupesh Desai

Entrepreneur, strategic tech consultant from New Zealand. Solving problems at Venus Informatics. Personal and Professional blogging on technology & more.