A Letter to My Fellow Procrastinators

Sit by a desk that is crowded with papers and pens of various colors. Relish at the controlled chaos that is smeared across your tabletop like the ruins of some advanced civilization that has now been long forgotten. Passer bys will stare at the complete chaos and think “Wow. Such a remarkable person must have built this up.”

But quite frankly, your civilization, with its towering coffe cup citadels and demolished houses of crumpled up creative thoughts, were forgotten just seconds ago. You, the ruler of this kingdom, instead of focusing your time and energy into your empire, have instead relegated time into watching cuddly cat videos on the internet or embarking on a journey to answer the age old question: what are those little plastic tips on your shoelaces called.

To my fellow procrastinators who have left the chaotic lands of late night essay writing or have slipped away from having to clean their rooms, rejoice in your hour, your minute, your second of freedom. You have given up your crown as the ruler of your land only for a second, but ‘we’ know that in due time, you will be back to reclaim your territory, to take back the resources of both determination and motivation that were some how taken by the wind.

And when you come back, know that your kingdom of lukewarm coffee and unfinished papers will take you back with open arms. They will look at you with amazement, a ruler who has been rested and rejuvinated by the simplistic pleasures of life to now finally reclaim what belongs to you. Your ideas and your passions will spew forth like a river through the barren wasteland of unproductively, and will give life to that which you wish to touch.

But do not think for a second that your return is without problems. A dark storm looms on the edges of your land.

When you come back to your throne a rested man with the knowledge of aglets, there is one of two things you can do: stop and stare into the void that is time ticking down.

Or you can rise up and get to work.

Dear You,

It’s okay to procrastinate. But your kingdom of ideas and limitless potential needs you. So once you are rested, once you have had your fill of enjoyment, it is time to get to work.


A man who has written this in an attempt to procrastinate from having to do his Cell Biology work.