How to get a realistic sense of your workload. And why task lists trick you into believing you have more time than you actually have.

The reason I don't like todo lists even in its prettiest forms is because whenever I go through these lists they don't seem to be relevant anymore. My attention is completely captured by other organizing systems. First, there is my calendar. Every appointment that is in there is written in stone. Secondly, there’s my inbox. Every item in there is a task — even if it’s just something I have to read.

These two systems I can't live without. Because I can’t keep people from sending emails and I need a way to keep a schedule and organize my time. The question now is, if it’s useful to add a third tool — a todo list? …

Zusammenarbeit ist Kommunikation und die Essenz von Kommunikation ist die Frage. In der Frage wird nicht nur mitgeteilt, sondern Sender und Empfänger begegnen sich. Führung wird durch Fragen wesentlich.

Besonders Team-Mitglieder im agilen Umfeld wollen häufig von mir wissen: „Wie kann ich Dinge bewirken, wenn ich nicht der disziplinarische Vorgesetzte bin? Ich darf den Leuten doch nicht sagen, was sie zu tun haben.“ Richtig.

Aber Fragen ist immer erlaubt. Die richtige Frage zum richtigen Zeitpunkt bewirkt meist eine größere Einsicht, als eine schlichte Aussage. …

David Oliete,

The “Manage Agile 2013” conference in Berlin just closed its doors. A good moment to reflect where we stand in terms of Agile Organizations and Management.

I couldn’t stop asking myself: Is there something like ‘Agile Management’ at all? And if yes what exactly is it? Are the Agile principles and values slowly finding their way up from the bottom of the software development process to the highest heights of upper management? What can an Agile approach contribute to general management in non-software companies?

Let’s start with what’s an Agile organization or management. …


Rainer Kruschwitz

Founder of Neofonie Mobile in Berlin. Startup Mentor. Mobile Strategist. Loves Agile & Lean Organizations, Clouds & Thinking About Thinking.

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