If you are an author, you will undoubtedly be spending your time in writing articles for magazines and ezine publishers. If you are good at article writing, you can turn this hubby as Carl Kruse Science a full fledged articles business and develop into a’Articles Business Man ‘. Sounds Interesting? How will you start and run a full time articles business? Here are some tips to really get your idea engines started.

1. You Can Start Your Own Article Directory Business

You may be heard about the famous article directories like EzineArticles.com and many others. You can aquire a write-up directory software like Articledashboard and start your personal article directory business. You can promote this and invite other authors to write in your article directory. The key source of income from your article directory is Google AdSense income and you can also use other monetization options like Clickbank and Amazon. As soon as you grow your author base, you will get a regular monthly income from your personal article directory.

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2. You Can Combine Article Marketing with Affiliate Marketing Business

If you are good at article writing, you can promote other people’s products as an affiliate marketer. Do your research to choose the right products to promote and create product review pages in Blogger blogs or web 2. 0 websites like Hubpages and Squidoo. Then, you can drive traffic to your product review pages utilizing the article marketing method which means you can write articles about your Carl Kruse SETI User Profile product niches and submit to article directories. Article directories are noted for their regular traffic and if properly done, your article marketing efforts will add money to your bank account.

3. You Can Use your Article Writing Skills to Take up a Blogging Business

When you can produce good content, you can begin a WordPress blog with your own hosting account. You can pick a passionate topic which may have good market demand and start writing useful details about this topic in oneself hosted WordPress blog. Over the time, the visitors turn into your subscribers and you can use this visitor base to have income from Google AdSense and sponsor ads. Blogging is a lucrative business and it has the potential to attract website buyers who’ll buy your blog for a great price. When you yourself have good pagerank, great deal of traffic and also regular revenue, you can sell it for an astonishing price.

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