Should the Warriors be scrutinized for being a Super team?

In NBA history, there have been several teams that have won championships in a row. The Warriors haven’t even won back to back championships and they are getting ridiculous amounts of hate. Now let’s name some of the greatest teams in NBA History and see if they deserve to be more hated than the 2016–17 Warriors. The Warriors have 2x MVP Stephen Curry and 1x MVP Kevin Durant. They also have Klay Thompson, one of the NBA’s best shooters, and Draymond Green a 1x DPOTY. (Defensive Player of the Year)

  1. 1995–96 Chicago Bulls
    The Chicago Bulls have won 6 championships, both times in triplets. But for this, we are going to use the second 3 championships. They have 5x MVP Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest player of all time. They also have Scottie Pippen, who has never one any particularly great achievement, but is on the 50 greatest players of all time list. They also have Dennis Rodman who was a 2x DPOTY. They have the 2nd best regular season record with 72 wins.
  2. Showtime Lakers (1985–86)
    The Lakers were named “Showtime” because of their fast and flashy style of play. They have 3x MVP Magic Johnson, widely regarded as the greatest point guard of all time. Then they have Kareem Abdul Jabbar who is said by ESPN and Bleacher Report to be the greatest center of all time, and #2 on the all time greatest players list. He has the most points scored and most MVP’s in a career. He has scored 38,387 points, and is a 6x MVP. In addition to that, they have James Worthy who is athletic and fast and is a 1x Finals MVP.
  3. 1985–86 Celtics
    The Boston Celtics were counterpart of the Lakers. They had Larry Bird a 3x MVP and Magic Johnson’s rival. He is one of the greatest passers and shooters of all time and had the ability to make his entire team better. They also had Kevin McHale who was a beast in the post and on rebounding and is in the top 50 greatest players of all time. In addition to that they have hall of famer Robert Parish.

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