WHEN LOVE HAPPENS with people miles away..:*

I don’t know how many people choose to have long distance relationships. But two individuals, decided to have a long distance relationship and sailed through all the pain together..

How Things started between them —

Travel, one thing they both loved. That’s how they got closer. It’s different from what you are thinking. They actually fought and argued about places they traveled and adventures they had. Things they did, like-zip lining, para gliding etc.

These talks led to more time they spent with each other. The talks went till 2–3am. In all those talks, he realised he is falling for the girl. And she knew that. Things continued. That’s what they wanted.

She loved stories. She read novels, shared stories, LOVED to hear stories. And guess what ? He knew this. Many stories were shared across. He narrated scenes about them. Places they would travel. And when he taught that he is getting really romantic he used to end up saying- “ I would leave you alone there and live peacefully without you”.

Then one Sunday morning, half sleepy mode, over a call, they kept talking about each other. When they would meet and other plans. He asked politely, in low voice, “can I hug you when we meet?” and she replies “ I will hug you back if u hug me”

And then he says “ I’m getting really used to being around you, it’s becoming a habit/addiction” and she laughs and says “ some habits are good and should never be left”

And this boosts him up and finally he says “ I love you”
And the best part of the story is the reply of the girl.. “ I know.”

Falling in love is not hard, hard is how to beat the hurdles and keep the love above all the issues and arguments.

Surly this couple had lots of fights, crying, screaming, misunderstandings. But each time the thought of not having the other person around, their soul shivered. After each bad quarrel, lots of kisses were showered and they imagined to be beside each other and felt warm by hugging the pillow. They choose to treat it as their love and squeezed the pillow tight when they missed each other.

They meet once, when she didn’t even know he exists. Fell in love over chatting and calls.

Agreed that long distance love is hard. But love stays if it has to stay. NO MATTER WHAT.