FOMO No more!

You know you don’t have a life when you tend to spend (read waste) most of your free time on each of the self-esteem-lowering social networking apps you have on your phone amongst the plethora of them available to you.

While most of these sites are platforms created for the collective ego-boost of humanity and in general for people to seek validation from the rest of the world to reassure themselves that the way they look or the lives they live is not something mediocre, but is worthy of awe and appreciation.

As I scroll past my Facebook news feed, I see is the happiest place on earth; people partying hard with friends, vacationing in exotic locations I only dream of, getting engaged or married, becoming parents, doing a helluva job raising their perfect kids with their perfect spouses, and basically celebrating life.

My FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) levels shoot up rapidly as I wonder why I don’t have such an exciting life or will I ever get to a point where my life is a constant state of happiness and bliss. What do you do when you do not have the perfect life to project as the rest of the world?

Comparison is the quickest way to get upset or disappointed in yourself for being an under-achiever or not living upto the expectations of the society. You must stop yourself right there. You can get over it only by acceptance. Embrace the fact that you aren’t the conformist who follows the standard conventions of the society. You don’t live the life being lived by millions of others.

Just remember, you have a journey of your own and a destination of your own. You may not have the ideal life right now, but somewhere down the line, things would get better. For that, you need to strive hard, keep working towards your passion, earn and save enough money simultaneously to fulfil and achieve all your dreams and goals and most importantly, stop bothering about the rest of the world, ‘cause the grass may always seem greener on the other side, but you cannot compare your chapter one with someone else’s chapter twenty.

Besides, the truly happiest people wouldn’t require publicizing of their happiness through the social media. So, you know you wouldn’t too when you get to that point in your life. And that day isn’t far, ‘cause YOU believe in YOU.

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