What To Do When Your Job Is Not Your Passion

For some reason, you landed or took up a job which wasn’t exactly what you were looking for.

You are now skeptical and prejudiced and go with a negative mindset about everything, right from the company to the work ethics and atmosphere to the collegues.

A month into your job and you realize you can pretty much do the job mechanically, but it still isn’t really what you are passionate about or looking for.

You think of switching companies or even careers. But then again, you would have continue with your current job for a stipulated period of time, maybe due to a monetary bond or because you don’t want to be unemployed while searching for a new job or you are waiting for an appraisal before you switch or you want to gain some experience or you simply aren’t ready to get out of your comfort zone in this secure job which pays your bills to take that leap to pursue your passion.

So what should be your plan of action? Should you focus on working on your passion while not really taking your current boring job seriously? Should you work just enough to keep you from being fired while pursuing the career you love? Or should you try to excel at your job and slowly start liking your profile till you decide to forget your passion and shift gears instead to climb the ladder in the same industry?

The answer is simple: Neither.

The key is to strike a perfect balance between your current role and future goals.

You know you aren’t going to be in this organization for a long time, but you must make the most of whatever time you spend in any job.

You learn something from every job. You acquire new skills, get to polish & hone your existing skills, gain a whole new perspective of jobs which you never thought you could do, get a feel of the corporate world in that industry and in general, learn to make interpersonal relationships, network with people who might be helpful for you in the future somehow, learn things which you never knew of before and most importantly see an improved version of yourself, armed with skill sets ready to take on the future for your dream career.

You must follow the simple mantra:

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Keep working efficiently and sincerely, and not with the intent of getting that paycheck but with intent of truly learning something. Even if your future dream career isn’t related to your current job, your skills will somehow come in handy. Everything is interconnected.

Your credibility and commitment to your work will not go unnoticed, if you have been doing a great job and producing quality work work, your dedication will surely be appreciated. You will get recommendations or surely reap the benefits of it in the future.

At the same time, do not neglect your passion either. Whenever you are free from your work, make a solid plan of how you are going to pursue your career. Prepare a roadmap, work on your skills required to pursue your dream job, take the essential steps to make the transition, save enough for your financial security to ensure you do not stop trying if you fail initially while pursuing your dream career. And most importantly, just don’t make plans, implement them. Because:

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

When the right time comes, your passion will be your job & your job will be your passion. Until then, keep giving your best.

So, go out on a high and keep aiming higher!