The coding guy: Hey what’s your area of study?

Me: Advertising

The coding guy: Wow, You must be creative!

Me: Really?

I hail from an advertising background and so I am creative. Now even if that sounds like I am boasting about myself, I have come across these kind of expressions from most of the people who do not belong to what we term as ‘creative’ domains.

So as to clarify, we often tag advertising, marketing, designing, fine arts, writing and many other forms of visual arts as creative.

However, the truth is that the so called ‘creative’ world is filled with some people who proudly lift their heads up to acknowledge these expressions, and some people who give back a tight smile, because they have been bothered by the low pay problems, sleepless nights and want to consider that they never heard such a comment.

But very few put their foot down to understand and explain the meaning to creativity to the so-called ‘non-creative’ world

Me: But after all, I don’t deny that I am creative but I am curious to know what made you think that I am creative?

(So my creativity is misrepresented, disregarded the second time when he answers spontaneously)

The coder: Ohh.. because you do photography, you make advertisements, you make movies and hence I think you are so creative!

And there it goes, the violation of creativity.

I just said ‘Violation’ which stands for how people have been falsely using and disregarding the basic definition of creativity. And these violators might not realize that their way of thinking is devaluing themselves.

So why would someone call a particular job as creative?

A job is never creative. A job is a task that you execute. What could be creative is the way you execute it and the idea behind the content you are executing. And not all executions and contents are creative.

Say, I am a photographer and not all the photos I click are good. Also, the best ones I click cannot be called creative. But the thoughts that went into clicking these best ones can certainly be called creative.


Creativity is the result of HOW you create what you have created. A creation can be good or bad, harmful or helpful. Adhering to the interpretation of creativity used by people today, it says how differently you create things and these creative things should necessarily look good to the Human eye because the truth is that we don’t consider bad things as being creative.


So what if you are an engineer, scientist, doctor, teacher, etc, and the world does not term your jobs as creative.

Remember, we spoke about how the status of your job does not define your creativity, and in fact it’s the way you manage, execute and create innovative approach towards your work on a daily basis.


If we wouldn’t have creative engineers we wouldn’t have Apple, Facebook, Tinder and much more to build our relationships and status today. If we wouldn’t have creative teachers, we wouldn’t have a concept called E-Learning today.

And to sum up, you need to start -

Recollecting the tasks you have been doing differently as compared to the others

Recalling those ideas, bad or good ones which have popped up in your mind and

Rethinking why they didn’t ever come to someone else’s mind

Reconsidering the power of these ideas and their utility

And finally, waking up to recognize there lies a creative soul in you.