‘TIME’ flies.


Is that what we all fight for?
We fight with our clients,
our professors,
our soul mates, for we all want some more time.

We wish we had,
we dream of,
we beg for it.

We behave like misers,
cursing the universe for not having given us some more time.

We perceive that our bad are an effect of the lack of time we had.

And then we bring god in middle.
We fear,
we pray,
we let him occupy all our time,
and then curse him, for not having given us some more time!

We gossip.
Gossiping ain’t a waste of time.
We waste time.
Wasting ain’t a waste of time.
But we do this because doing what we feel like, ain’t a waste of time.

Then, what is a waste of time?
Engaging with a ‘lack of time’ thought.

You see, I am not preaching what is time,
because I ain’t ever on time.

I just mean to say,
‘Life is beautiful because,
Today, we all have time!’