The only way you can learn is when you are ready to teach yourself.

Look around.

There is a whole new life greater than yours around you.

Dive in.

Plunge in, plunge out.

Now, what did you see?

A different story.

The world is full of stories.

Did you ever pay attention?

Oh how could you, you were busy writing yours,

So what did you learn?


Read more stories, they will help you grow,

And the one you write after that will be worthy to publish.

Look! How the world has come to you.

Do you want to open your door?

Why not?

Aha, you are afraid, Afraid of change.

Life is all about changing.

You have changed from a small baby to an adult.

Your tone changes every time when you speak to your friends and folks.

You like to change your clothes.

See, you change everything everyday.

And you tell me that you are afraid of a life change?

Your death will change everything for the others.

But before that, you better change things for yourself.

Now come out of the pool.

You are wet.

Go in the sun, it is bright there.

But careful, as a long time there will burn your skin.

You see, again there stands a change.

A long time anywhere will burn you.

Nature says, keep moving on.

Well, now we do have a nature to go against the nature until we suffer,

for we are humans.

No! I ain’t scaring you.

Experience it yourself.

Because no one can teach you but yourself!

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