Keeping Up with My Work (and Other Stuff)

It’s been a while since my last entry and I didn’t mean to leave this gap to big. So, let’s do it again. :)

For the past few days, there have been so many things I needed to keep up with, namely homework, reading assignments, and some major paperwork. One thing that has been unusual is that since moving to the States, I rarely need to make phone calls like I used to when living in Thailand. But for the past few days, I needed to make so many calls-the long ones, too. So, that what’s kept me busy both physically and mentally. Also, work has been hectic since students can get so anxious about their documents before coming to school this coming Fall semester. So, our office (Office of International Services) now receives more difficult calls each day. I dealt with one today and that’d be a bit too explicit to share here.

Now. Today. Here. there is one issue I have been trying to get it done and sorted out for so long but I just can’t because it is way out of my control. There’s not much left to do on my end. I need to wait, wait and wait patiently. And hope that things will go right turn the way they are supposed to be.

Lesson learned: Once you have tried hard enough and every way you can, you need to let it go. Never lose hope though.
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