Let’s do this! Let just get our thoughts out in English and don’t even care if it’s right or correct!

Today is another typical Monday for me. Nothing really special. I woke up, got ready, hopped on the bus and go to work. There was something new I learn about myself at work actually. As a front desk at the Office of International Students of the school, I have to deal with tons of different students from around the world. Some are easy but some are just so difficult to deal with. Today, there was a girl calling and she was trying so hard to get the “yes” answer from me. We, at OIS, are not encouraged to answer questions that we are not sure of because that could really cause bad consequences. So, to this girl, I tried my very best to explain to her and direct her what should do since I was not gonna give the “yes” answer to her anyway. I gave her a few alternatives to choose from but I know, as the moment of speaking, from her voice that she didn’t like what I was saying at all.

Lesson I learned is that dealing with difficult people can never be easy. But as long as you calm yourself down and try to deal with them, things will work out just fine.

Have a great easy-going day!