Towards a PhD: Submitted!

Day 163: 9/10/2018

I have finished another revision of my research proposal. This time it has been expanded from the original 14-page to the revised 42-page final draft. I cannot say that it is the best draft yet but I can assure that I have devoted my life and time into reading, writing and crafting it to my best ability within the time I have.

One thing I wanted to talk about is when for a second today I thought of emailing Jan to submit the proposal tomorrow instead of today. There were so many thoughts running through my head and one of them was the thought of trying to finish to meet my own deadline. On the one hand, I felt obligated to finish and submit it on time. On the other, I could not stop thinking about taking an extra day to work on some details I did not look at carefully. At the end, I decided to stick with my original plan, to finish it and submit it today after a constant battle in my head. I felt it would be better to get it done and over with so that I can move on with my life. And I am glad I did it.

After that, I went out for a run and then spent a few hours of evening time hanging out with friend. It was a wonderful day indeed.

9/11/2018 1.34 am.

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