Towards a PhD: Change of Plans

Day 121: 7/30/2018

After a thorough reading of my own plan, I decided that my work plan needed an overhaul modification, well, not just modification, it needed to be changed. So, I spent a chunk of time on planning my work schedule again. In fact, I have already lost track counting how many times I have changed it.

Taking into account the time remaining until the deadline and the amount of work I have, I then worked backwards. That is, I have all the goals I have to finish, in this case, a number of sections and their difficulty to write laid out and try to allocate the duration of time I will spend on each. Plus, being the second language speaker of English myself, I have to spare a few bits of time totaling a significant chuck of time for proofreading and endless revisions. Once planning was complete, I felt completely incomplete. There is still a huge amount of work undone. This is not because I have not done anything lately but I just found out that the old strategy, to read, read, and read before writing, does not work for me. Thus, I have to change it and fit it into my plan accordingly.

However, today I did not stay home working all day. I went out to Manchester since P’Gluay and I had bought the train tickets like a month an a half ago.

We had so much fun exploring the city and certainly found similarities and differences between York and Manchester. At the end of the day trip, as we were arriving at York Train station, P’Gluay and I agree that we fell in love with York even more after having visited other neighbor cities.

Since I have so much to do in too little time and life goes on, I planned to read on the train — both outbound and inbound — and did it!

This sometimes does not work well as I am now much more likely to be distracted. I am proud of my progress on this.

All in all, a lot have been thought through and many memories were made today.

7/31/2018 12.51 am.