MVP — Amazing community feedbacks MVP was launched few days ago and the first feedbacks are amazing. Keep in mind that is just a demo with basic features, to be able to trade you will have to wait for the “funder edition” in early summer (available only for investors). Our team is in the process of implementing powerful functions to bring you the best platform possible.

Try the MVP :

Here some Cryptosphere feedbacks

“Kryll has an ‘easy to use’ product which has mass appeal and this will enhance trading journey experience.”
Athol Nourse, Forex & CFD expert

“The most intuitive trading tool I’ve ever seen, smart and easy to use, amazing”
Capet @Capetlevrai

“Kryll project is not the first crypto Social trading platform out there, but is defentely the one that will change the game!”
Coach Daniel Muvdi, Trader

“Through the MVP, Kryll has serious potential to be a game changer!
Crypto Insider @CryptoInsiderX

Encompasses everything a new trader could need to be successful; crafted with the utmost perfection
Professor Crypto @ProfesorCrypto

“The project offers a comprehensive multi-platform solution […] it’s easy and can be used anywhere”
Denis Suslov, CFO at Finom AG

“This will be one of the best trading platforms on the market for beginners and others”
Crypto Exchange @cryptoexchan

“The platform is simple but so powerful with significant commercial value”
Hitesh Juneja, CMO at

“This is what crypto trading should be like: easy to deploy strategies, easy to test strategies, fun to use”
Panama Crypto @Panama_TJ

“An awesome and simple to use platform that will be a useful tool for trading vets and noobs alike
Socal @Socal_crypto

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