You think you Jesus huh ?

You told me if we are together , we would break up within a week.

The actual reason why you won’t give us a relationship status is you already predicted the outcome of the relationship. You claimed to save me, yet I only want you.

If you break up with me , I would need lots of tissues and ice cream to mend my broken heart.

When you sing a different tune due to your sensitivity….

You told me if I dated someone else and he broke my heart , I would then value your current behaviour and honesty.

Seriously do you think you’re Jesus?

I don’t need salvation from you. Even if someone else broke my heart in the future , still I’ll not think of you, what makes you think so that I’ll think of you in the future. When you’re not even that good in the present.

Don’t you think too highly of yourself?

I hope you will never find true love , because you’re so screwed up. You’re not a saviour, rather a jerk which is trying to portray Jesus.

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