The Haunting Effects of Deep Dream Images

I recently discovered Google’s Inceptionism which was a project in which they’ve used artificial neural networks to re-imagine images by running artificial intelligence algorithms against the images to generate new ones. The results have been described as an LSD trip without having to take any drugs.

(Here’s a good explanation breaking down what Google has done)

Google followed up their original announcement of the project with some development tools so that we can create our own neural network inspired images. It’s a bit of a heavy lift to get it installed but I found good guides to install them here and one for windows here to make it a little easier.

These images have been dubbed “Deep Dreams” and people have been creating some amazing ones now that do it yourself tools are available.

Roelof Pieters took things to a whole new level by running the Deep Dream image processing over the acid trip scene in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas as well as 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Twitter user @GoddoSukoupion put Mad Max: Fury Road through the system and came up with this.

I’ve spent some time going down the rabbit hole and found several resources as well as galleries for you to explore further if you find these as fascinating as I have.

(Note: I’ll continue to update this page with resources if you want to check back)

Subreddit’s here and here which are good sources of images as well as tools and guides. Here’s a Hacker News thread as well.

Stay up to date with the Twitter hashtags #deepdream & #deepdreams

Websites to create them

Currently there are 3 sites I’ve found to create them and view the images they’re creating. Note user images uploaded appear on these sites and some are NSFW. (looong wait) (not currently accepting images) (I used this one today but the site is getting hammered) (NEW 7/8) (NEW 7/9 fast creation and choose filters!) (NEW)


Cover Image is from the gallery created by Dimiter Stanov (here)
Deep Dream Art
 — First 48 Hours
Inceptionism Gallery
Deep Dream Satellite Images

Here’s the masterpiece I created
Here’s the original for reference.
Here’s a pretty creepy one I found.
Made from a doll

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