Get the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in USA

In the United States there are dedicated server hosting companies which help with extreme power, control and flexibility. It is best for web-applications which are resource intensive. There are no restrictions on resources, are highly customizable and have complete root access. The servers are guaranteed for high performance in any applications.

The recommended servers are MC-64-OC, which cost $124.99, GPU-4X -1070 cost $ 699.99, EG-64 costs $165 and HG costs $ 385. These servers can be used in e-commerce as well as other websites. They are multipurpose and easily accessible. Processor Xeon-D has 8 cores and can be used for distributed storage, archiving and backup. Private network vRack has disk space of 216TB.

What do Dedicated Cloud Servers Offer?

Dedicated cloud servers start at $59 and offer many services such as dual or single CPU of 12, 6, 4 cores, Dedicated iKVM/IPMI, free DDoS besides NVMe, SSD or HDD storage. They also provide VPS hosting which starts at $4 and includes open KVM and VZ up to 16 cores. There is GB memory of 128, DDoS protection which is free and SSD storage of RAID-10.

The servers also come with Colocation where the prices start at $80 with free DDoS protection. The rack space is 1–47U with A+B power of 208v. The facility is available round the clock with remote hands available 24/7. There is technical support and customer service available during all hours.

How does a Quality Service Provider Help?

Service providers have experience in datacentre and hoisting for over ten years. They are available round the clock so if you face any trouble you can get in touch with the service provider. The network is fast with bandwidth of premium Internap being able to leverage 12 diverse ISP’s. This provides best network and routing. They use highly advanced DDoS technology which helps them to prevent any attack.

The level of performance and protection offered by the service providers is beyond compare. The DDoS appliances are kept in- line and on –site to diminish the attack. All DDoS traffic is directed on premium bandwidth to prevent attacks. The protection features of DDoS include protection at all times, never redirect through low quality bandwidth and well advanced DDoS appliances on-site.

Advantages of Choosing of Dedicated Hosting Provider

A dedicated hosting provider makes things a lot simpler for small or big businesses. With a dedicated hosting provider a client is able to rent a server from the provider and use it exclusively for his requirements. The provider makes it possible for the client to have the RAM, CPU and the disk space that they require. The provider builds and maintains a server for his client instead of purchasing one.

When you have a dedicated provider you get the resources of a single server. The client can be sure there will not be spikes in bandwidth or website clogging. You can be sure of maximum security and uptime on the website with a dedicated hosting provider. The client has the flexibility of customizing the server to his own special needs. The server is provided with a special IP address which is not possible when sharing.

If you have business and are looking for dedicated server hosting, there are a few in the United States that are affordable and provide good services.

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