Comics, Motion Design and More…!

As we start to build out our Krypt Kitties universe, more and more ideas about how to best explore and share this world come to mind.

If you’re following along @kryptkitties on Twitter, you’ll know that we’ve started to release comics that give a small window into the lives of Bea and Silas, our resident fabulously sassy friends. We started off with a relatively standard American comic style format with four square panels.

However, we’re always looking for different ways to experiment with style and figure out what best resonates with everyone (including our own artists!)

For our second comic release, @sayme.sammie is exploring a new format inspired by Renga’s more abstract Twitter releases. Here’s a sneak peek at this different style that we’re so excited to share!

Beyond the storytelling world of comics, we’ve started looking towards motion design and animation! It has always been a Krypt Kitties dream to eventually see our characters run, fly, and speak on screen ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ)

One little gem of an idea is to animate iconic scenes from classic vampire movies except this time… the actors are our very own Krypt Kitties!!! We’ve begun to commission artists to draw up what these vampire actor cats would look like… (one of the kitties is Selene from Underworld!) and they’re already looking badass.

Our plan is to always be expanding, exploring and experimenting so that the Krypt Kitties world continues to be a place of mythic lore and fun. We want you to help us shape its growth… Follow our Twitter to stay updated and engaged so we can hear your voice!



Castle Sanguis: a world of royal vampire kitties 🦇

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