July update — Mint is live; Website updates; Mew mew

It’s been a busy July so far. Our kitties have been hard at work (and play! and some naps too (^._.^)ノ)

First off, we revamped our website. Check it out! We’re always pursuing purrfection so keep an eye out for all the little site updates that we add along the way.

The mint page is also live if you wanna give it a whirl.

There are 31K kitties who live in Castle Sanguis.

30/31K are free mints (or as we say in the castle, free meownts). Of those free mints, some have attained true vampiric powers, while others are still learning.

The final 1,000 are our super duper special Council Kitties, the ancient lords and ladies who run the Castle and rule its surrounding lands full of adventure and mystery and mice (I mean, a kitty’s gotta eat, right). The Council Kitties cost 0.2eth each.

We’re just getting warmed up. There’s a lot to announce in the coming months.

We’re adding a charity partner who will receive a share of all revenues.

We’re building a new tool where you can receive (and gift) Krypt Kitties with just an email address. That’s right — no crypto wallet or browser extension or seed phrase required. And it’ll still be on the blockchain. That’s some vampire magic for you.

We’ve also designed and printed a sweet full sized bio poster that we’re giving away to Council Kitties owners.

Here’s an early sneak peek~

Any questions or ideas or just wanna say gmeow? Find us on Twitter or comment below, we’d love to hear from you!



Castle Sanguis: a world of royal vampire kitties 🦇

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